ASK Tower Supply

ASK Tower Supply is a tower and safety supply company based in Albuquerque, NM. Our team produced social media and website content including product images and videos. Through organic outreach, engagements, and custom content, we were able to grow their social media following by almost 300 percent within 6 months.

Video and Photo Production
Social Media Management

Blog Writing and Research

Project Summary

ASK Tower Supply was looking for a team that could showcase their brand and lifestyle through custom content

ASK needed someone to capture their products in action while considering industry safety measures. The tower and rope access industry emphasizes the importance of knowledge and training procedures which showcase how well certified and equipped a company is.

Solution Provided

Video and Photo Production

Our team worked with these technicians to gather content while keeping these safety measures in mind. We created informative videos on how proper methods in rope access and rope safety. Cyber Liberty stepped into the field and used drone videography to capture the construction of towers as well as mandatory training demos.

Social Media Management

Creating content with the ASK team as well as other technicians in the field provided the groundwork for us to be able to keep a consistent brand identity via social media management. ASK had done a good job in building their audience, so our content attracted positive engagements building on that momentum. 

Blog Research

With extensive keyword research, we generated keywords with high search volume and provided them to ASK’s blog writer. Since ASK Tower Supply’s industry is very niche, our blog team did not create blogs for ASK Tower Supply.