Element Lights

Element Lights sells video and photo lighting equipment aimed towards individuals that create content for social media and the overall internet. With the power of Facebook and Google Ads, we took Element Lights from $0 to $2,700,000 in revenue over a 2 year period.

Ecommerce Management
Advertising Management
Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Video and Photo Production
Blog Writing and Research
Website Development

Project Summary

When the creators first noticed a void in the video and photo lighting niche, Element Lights was established.

Full marketing services were needed to launch Element Lights at the highest potential. As we were introducing a new niche to the market, we used Facebook Ads with a combination of Video and Photo ads generated by our team.

Solution Provided

Web Development

With the power of the Shopify e-commerce platform, we developed a custom theme with effective copywriting.


Our expert writers generated SEO content based blogs to help the brand rank organically for video lighting related searches.

Paid Advertising Management

As paid advertising is the main source of traffic and revenue, Facebook and Google Ads are required. With over $50,000 ad spend per month (2021 Q2), our ad buying team spends anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week managing various campaigns.

Social Media Management

With the power of organic social media growth, our team partnered with micro and macro influencers to boost Element Lights's brand awareness. With extensive management and controlled engagement, we took a fresh Instagram account from 0 to 20,000+ active followers in 1 year.

Video and Photo Production

Custom content was created for the use of Facebook Ads. Our videography team hired various models to show Element Lights products in use. 3D render models of products were used to create attractive image ads.