Elevate Auto Care

Elevate Auto Care sells car care accessories via an online shop created by us. Since inception, Elevate Auto Care has achieved year-on-year growth selling using Facebook Advertising and word of mouth. Since the start of 2020, we have increased revenue by 855% compared to 2020.

Advertising Management
Website Development
Video and Photo Production

Project Summary

Elevate Auto Care needed a marketing team to manage the growth of their brand.

Elevate Auto Care noticed a niche market that fit their brand image.

Solution Provided

Web Development

We developed Elevate Auto Care's website using Shopify. The key to the successful completion of the project was establishing effective collaboration with our web development and in-house photography team.

Paid Advertising Management (Facebook Advertising)

With Elevate Auto Care being a fresh brand, we used Facebook advertising to drive brand awareness as well as to drive direct revenue. Since the start of 2021, we have seen an 855% increase in revenue since 2020.

Video and Photography

With the inception of Elevate Auto Care's first e-commerce website, custom video and photography content was a must. We produced video and photo content to use for Facebook Ads.