Round 2 IV Wellness Solutions

Round 2 IV Wellness Solutions saw a dramatic increase in website and foot traffic within the first month of their website being redeveloped with custom photo production. Along with the web development, SEO was our main hurdle. With extensive competitor research locally and nationally, we were able to take Round 2 from ranking 5th for "IV Therapy Albuquerque" (and related search terms) to 2nd within 1 month and 1st within 4 months.

Website Development
Blog Writing and Research
Advertising Management
Social Media Management

Video and Photo Production

Project Summary

Round 2 IV needed a full service marketing agency

Round 2 came to us with a problem that most businesses have; they were managing a successful business along with marketing, but were unable to provide the bandwidth to take it to scale.

Solution Provided

Web Development

Round 2 is currently using Wix to host their website. Our proficient web development team was able to adapt and mold the website to Round 2's vision. We first started by organizing the essential landing pages that show what Round 2 has to offer. With 15 creative landing pages that include custom content, a seamless booking integration, and descriptive services.


With the help of a SEO focused blogger on our team, we generate 3-4 unique blogs to generate traffic to Round 2's website.


With the power of SEO, we were able to take Round 2 from ranking 5th for "IV Therapy Albuquerque" (and related search terms) to 2nd within 1 month and 1st within 4 months. Search positioning within a niche market served to accelerate Round 2's rise in overall awareness in Albuquerque, NM. In creating and building momentum for Round 2's organic traffic, we focused on establishing and maintaining a solid core through on-page optimization. We focused on introducing "IV Therapy" based keywords in order to capture related searches. As we began to show more and more terms related to "IV Therapy", Round 2 now ranks 1st for local related searches. Search for "IV Therapy Albuquerque" to see for your self!

Paid Advertising Management (Google Advertising)

Google Advertising was extremely important for Round 2's growth. Campaigns typically take around 2-3 months to achieve their potential. Our focus was to generate high ROI keywords and search terms. We used a combination of competitor keywords and organic search placements to create additional keywords to build growth. Within the first month, we were able to bring 4 lifetime clients and multiple clients that had no clue about Round 2.

Social Media Management

Social media management consists of daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled content created by our social media team. As Round 2 was already doing a great job with social media, we took the reins and continued to push out content to engage their audience. In addition to custom video and photography, interactive Instagram stories and moderation, we made this task completely hands off for Round 2.

Video and Photography

When Round 2 moved to a new location, we knew we had to showcase their lounge to attract visitors and excite current clients.